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Realm of Metal & Myth

3.5/T20 System Compliant Campaign

Pathfinder Compatible Campaign

An RPG Campaign Setting that crashes Science Fiction and Fantasy together in a concise volume for DMs and Players alike.  A detailed rule set mixing ancient and futuristic play within 28 planetary systems encompassing 70+ planetary bodies.  You are no longer limited to one world within a material plane.

- Kai World Map now available (Dredan Cartography High Resolution Map)!

- Keeb World Map now available (Dredan Cartography High Resolution Map)!

- Druin World Map now available (Dredan cartography High Resolution Map)!

- Adventure Series Coming Soon - HUMOG, Mine of the Minds!

Soft Cover Perfect Bound Book

$21.95 + $4.95 (US) Shipping
3.5/T20 System (227 Pages)


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Campaign Setting Source eBooks

                                        3.5/T20  (227 Pages)        Pathfinder (235 Pages)

High Resolution High Detail Planetary Maps and Star Chart


More product coming soon for the Dredan Campaign Setting to include illustrated adventure series and additional artwork.